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Welcome to Papula Paper- Handmade Fair Trade Gifts!

Papula Paper handmade paper from local natural fibres such as bark, grass, leaves, and recycled material such as waste paper and card.
Papula Paper is located in Uganda at the Equator along Masaka road.

Papula Paper produces handmade paper out of local natural fibres such as banana bark, elephant grass and pineapple leaves.  Papula Paper also makes paper out of waste paper and card.  The paper is then crafted into special gifts and crafts such as frames, albums, notebooks, boxes, cards and much more. 

Papula Paper is located at the Equator of Uganda along Masaka road.  The shop and factory were set up in 2007 by Uganda Crafts 2000 as a sister company.  This was possible with funding from both Uganda Crafts 2000 and the Thelma Routh estate.  Uganda Crafts 2000 ltd management thought paper making would be a great income generating project and they wished to locate the new business away from the Kampala hub.  It was the hope that the equator location, near the famous equator hoops, would also attract tourists that wished to learn how to make paper as well as to buy crafts.

Committed to Fair Trade, Papula Paper built a water borehole in the neighbouring property as a way to give something back to the community.  Any money raised from the bore hole is being set aside for its maintenance.  

Papula Paper is committed to Fair Trade and using natural resources in an environmentally safe manner.

How we make our Papula Paper:

Friends from Kampala and members of the local community bring waste paper, card, waste pineapple tops, banana fibres and harvested elephant grass to our factory.  

We cut the fibres and paper into small pieces. The paper is left to soak in water while the various fibres are cooked separately with ash. Depending on the fibre, the cooking time varies from 8 hours to 3 days.  

The cooked fibres are washed clean of ash and dirt and then blended. The soft wet paper is also blended by hand or by machine depending on the texture we want.  

We combine different quantities- our secret recipes- of fibre and recycled paper in one basin with ample water to create papula paper. 

A gauzed frame lifts up a thin/ thick layer of wet fibres and is left out to dry in the equatorial sunshine.

Once dry the paper is carefully removed from the frame and pressed smooth.

We fashion this Papula Paper around card to create your unique gift.

Customise Your Paper Gift

Papula Paper is happy to make bespoke paper gifts to suit your every need from wedding favours to restaurant menus.  No job is too big or too small.  We can work with you, advising you and making your ideas come to life. 

Contact us on or contact a representative at Uganda Crafts 2000 who will be pleased to take your order.

Lillian pounds the cooked fibres by hand to create a thicker textured paper. Behind is a basin of clean recycled paper waiting for pounding.

Artists at workl:

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Papula Paper is one minute walk from the Equator markers of Uganda