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Zeevic Peretz

Elifaz, Israel

Birth date: 1957, Tel Aviv, Israel

Marital status: Single

Tel: +972-8-6356276



Worldwide experience:

The following is my professional experience as a volunteer in small scale industry, community rehabilitation and AIDS-related work: 

July-August, 2008Kayabwe, Uganda– Established a small scale industry project with disabled members of a local community. The project focused on producing Papier mache and recycled arts and crafts so that members are now able to produce and market the products as well as teach the acquired skills. Under Papula Paper, Uganda Crafts 2000 LTD. Coordinator: Betty Kinene.

July-August, 2004Cape McClear, Malawi - Volunteered in Chikondi AIDS Project; set up a sustainable micro-industry project for the production of Papier mache products to be sold in the local tourist market. Coordinator: Irit Rabinovich.

1996 -  Addis Ababa, EthiopiaVolunteered for 2 months in medical-social projects for people living with AIDS sponsored by the Neve Or AIDS Center and Professor Zvi Bentwich, Kaplan Hospital, Israel. The objective was to learn the social and other characteristics of the disease in the Ethiopian society in order to facilitate building bridges of trust with the Ethiopian community in Israel.

1990–1992 - Colombo, Sri Lanka6 months volunteering and studying acupuncture in a free clinic. Director: Professor Giasoria.

- Chiang Mai, Thailand7 months work with local AIDS organizations. The work included home visits,massage treatments and leading massage workshops.

- Bombay, India1 year of travel and volunteering with various AIDS organizations, including K.E.M. Hospital, Bombay, and the Kripa Foundation, Bombay.

1989–1990 - Guadalajara, MexicoVolunteered as a primary-care provider at the Estancia Padre Bernal Leprosy Center, Santa Maria. Director: Pbro. David Orozco. - Guadalajara, MexicoVolunteered with AIDS patients under Azomalli organization. Director: Diego Urzua. Work included home visits, massage, and leading workshops in medical massage.

- Zipolite, Mexico - Taught disabled children creative artwork from scrap material at a home for orphaned and disabled children for three months under Escula Pina Palmera Zipolite Oax. Director: Dr. Balbino.

1989 Belize - Volunteered for 3 months to provide primary care in an old-age residenceSan Ignacio Octavia Waight Center; initiated and set up a micro-industry project producing greeting cards and wall hangings from scrap, which were sold in the local Christmas market.

1984–1987 -  San Francisco, California, USAvolunteered as massage provider under Service through touch - Irene Smith; worked for 2 years in the special residences for people living with AIDS, sponsored by the San Francisco Hospice and the Shanti organization.

- Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA1 year as a home-care provider and volunteer for AIDS patients, VNS Health Service Inc.

- Taos, New Mexico - Home primary-care provider for the elderly, Mountain Home Care.

- Independent jeweler.

1981–1984 - Leprosy colony, Bethany Colony, Bapatla, AP, India - Resident and community volunteer: Taught arts and crafts to the young; Developed micro-industry with disabled adults; Created greeting cards, wall hangings and Christmas decorations for European, US, and Canadian charity markets. Project director: Jacky Bonney R.N.

1980–1981Turkana region, KenyaRehabilitation’s volunteer under the local Red Cross; worked in a project struggling against drought in the area of the Turkana tribe. 

Artistic and Professional Experience in Israel:

2001-present - Sculptor and creator of artistic wall installations using Papier Mache and scrap materials; Paid employee and volunteer, working with people with special needs; Created, led, personally designed, conducted and carried out the following projects:

Pillars in Tse'elim Junior High School, Eilat. Project's design was based on fairy tales. Conducted with student participation.

Recycling center, lobby of Tse'elim Junior High School, Eilat - conducted with students' participation.

Entrance and internal wall, The Ecological Dome, Eilat. Work's theme was "the sea" and it included creations from community workshop activity.

Courtyard, Tsabar Nursery School, Eilat. A one year weekly project involving design and implementation; conducted with the collaboration of staff and the preschoolers.

Full Interior design, Shani Nursery School, Eilat.

Recycling center, Coliere Community Center, Eilat. Work comprised an environmental-quality message board along with bins for the collection of used paper, cans, and batteries - Under the Department of Environmental Protection, Eilat Municipality and the Eilot Regional Council.

Underwater scene in show window, Almog (Coral) beach, Israel Society for the Protection of Nature, Eilat. Work made from scrap material and Papier mache. Conducted with community participation. Carried out with the support and participation of the Department of Environmental Protection, the Eilat Municipality, and the Eilot Regional Council.

Decorative Wall and recycling center, Arava Institute, Kibbutz Qetura. Work carried out with student participants.

Decorative Wall in entrance to the communal dining room, Kibbutz Grofit. Project initiated to mark the 40th anniversary of the kibbutz. Work carried out together with artists of the kibbutz.

3 Entrances to kids clubs, Kibbutz Yotveta. Work comprised the design and decoration of 3 entrances using Papier mache. Carried out with the participation of kibbutz children.

Decorated wall that includes a recycling center, Community Center, Eilot Regional Council. Work carried out with children's involvement as part of a community activity.

Wall and recycling corner, Shitim Regional School, Sapir Middle Arava Regional Council. Coordinator: Orit Dunsky.

Professional Teaching Experience in Israel:

Years 20012008:

3 years as an assistant in the Oz nursery school for children with autism and communication challenges. Teacher: Lucy Weiss. Department of Education, Eilat Municipality.

Assistant in  day-care program for Childhood Development, Special Education, Department of Education, Eilat Municipality (2 years).

Instructor in Shoshan Tsahor center for retarded and Down syndrome children; sponsored by the Na'amat organization (1 year).

Classroom assistant as well as an instructor in Papier mache project for special education program, Urim High school, Department of Education, Eilat Municipality (1 year).

Weekly Papier mache project with school children grades 1–6 with special needs, Etzion School, Karev Foundation, Eilat (1 year).

3 years as instructor and facilitator for the Art of Recycling part of a neighborhood's rehabilitation project in Eilat.

Volunteered as a group instructor in the art of Papier mache at Bet Asi, Enosh and AKIM (NGOs for people with special needs), Eilat (1 year).

Nursery and primary school activities instructor in summer camps for special-education children, Department of Education and Karev Foundation, Eilat.

"In Zeevic's back yard" — free workshop in Papier mache, provided to various groups in the community, such as nursery-school teachers, children and adults with special needs, and more. Self-managed and self-financed (1 year).

"Under your nose" - meetings with nursery-school children as an artist, Karev Foundation, Eilat. Coordinator: Oranit Goldshtein.

Instructor for groups of gifted children in the art of Papier mache and environmental values, Karev Foundation, Eilat. Coordinator: Oranit Goldshtein.

Instructor of many workshops for teachers, nursery-school teachers, assistants, and afternoon-care staff— activities and teaching techniques in Papier mache, the Department for Environmental Protection and the Eilat Municipality.

Manager of activity stalls at fairs, local promenades, and holiday festivities teaching Papier mache, Eilat Municipality and community centers. Likewise, I have been involved in the community activities in the region, such as Earth Day, Parents Day, and Children Day etc.

Presently, twice a week, I teach Papier mache and environmental values in the Ma'aleh Shaharoot Regional School, Yotvata Elementary School, and Yotvata Junior High School, with emphasis on special-needs students, Eilot Regional Council and Karev Foundation.

Weekly group instructor in Papier mache art - Club for the Elderly, Welfare Department, Eilot Municipality. This activity still takes place.

Workshop for all managers of community centers in the Southern District; Later designed a decorative wall in the Be'er Sheva Community Center, incorporating works created in the workshop. Coordinator: Batya Cohen, Community Center Manager, Eilot Regional Council.

Biweekly volunteering project's instructor for children of Sudanese refugees, in the Eilot resort village. Coordinator: Yuval Tilkobski.

Experience in working with People with AIDS - Israel:  

1992–2000 - Nursing aid and volunteer in homes of people living with AIDS. This comprised the following:

Kaplan Hospital, Neve Or Institute. Director: Professor Zvi Bentwich. Worked for 3 years in the institute and in the out-patient clinics of the institute; Job included social consultation, medical massages, home visits, taking blood samples, sanitaria, hospitalization procedures, follow-up on hospitalized individuals, and more.

4 years of work as an orderly in the AIDS hospice at Sheeba Hospital, Tel HaShomer Hospital Complex. Head nurse: Ofra Baron.

7 years work as a trainer and coordinator of the AIDS buddies volunteer program of the Israeli AIDS Tax Force, Tel Aviv branch.

 Art Exhibitions:

2004 - Group exhibition organized by the National Organization of Paper Arts, HaKfar Gallery, Ein Hod.

2004 - Group exhibition, Princess Hotel, Eilat.

2005 - Group exhibition, Altrantiv Gallery, Jaffa.

2005 - Group exhibition marking International Women's Day, HaBammah Center, Ganei Tikva.

2006 - Group exhibition, Einav Center, Tel Aviv.

2006-2007 - Solo and group exhibition Hatzerot Yaffo, Altrantiv Gallery, Jaffa.

2007 - Solo exhibition, titled ''Kshhmlakhim…" (When angels… ), Regional Gallery Yotvata Community Center. Within the framework of the exhibition, I conducted workshops on the creation of Papier mache art.

2007 - Group exhibition, Ecological Dome, Eilat.

2007 - Solo exhibition of Papier mache and creative workshops on Papier mache, Sapir Regional Council.


1975–1978 - Mandatory army service, IDF.

1975 - Graduated Ort Singalovski High School, Tel Aviv, Israel.